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Sexy Funky Party Song!

‘Gets Me Started’, is a funky party song with an old school vibe. Its catchy hook will surely make you wanna dance and make you feel like you’re in the moment with your partner, no matter what you’re doing. It’s sexy-sultry and will capture and keep you in a passionate, funky, and sensual mood. You won’t be able to stop rocking to it. (Available at Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer)

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    01. Gets Me Started

"Christmas with Glenn M. Ray"

This album is a collection of classic Christmas music that will take you on a peaceful, yet excitingly blissful journey. The smooth vocals and full musical tracks combined with a bit of playful funk on a couple of them, will certainly take you on a holiday ride that you will never forget. With songs from the U.S., Japan, France, and England, Christmas joy and Holiday cheer is spread throughout. Renditions of "Mary, Did You Know?" "WINTER SONG", O Holy Night, and "Driving Home For Christmas" are examples of the peaceful, global appeal this album has. Every person who listened to some of the songs before the release, are constantly raving about it being a "must have" for the Holidays. So, don't let your collection of Christmas music be without this ear candy of Holiday musical treat, and get into the spirit of "Christmas with Glenn M. Ray". Enjoy!

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01. I'll Be Home For Christmas -Interlude-
02. Christmas Eve
03. White Christmas (feat. Ayumi Unno / Saxophone)
04. Mary, Did You Know? (feat. Olivia Burrell / Vocal)
05. I'll Be Home For Christmas
06. This Christmas (feat. Keith R. Haines / Vocal and Tynice Brooks / Rap)
08. Driving Home For Christmas
09. O Holy Night
10. Last Christmas

Glenn M. Ray
"Voice of My Heart"

This smooth, soulful CD Album consists of ten popular love and inspirational cover ballads, with songs by artists from across the globe, such as Japan's Southern All Stars' 'Ellie My Love', where Glenn plays sax as well, and Yutaka Ozaki's 'I Love You'; Latin artist Enrique Iglesias 'Hero'; Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', Lionel Richie's  'Say You Say Me', and also one original Smooth Jazz instrumental song, 'Midwest Smooth' which was collaborated via internet recording, mixing and mastering. Glenn showed his flavor and skill by tastefully adding the melodic phrasing, chorus and harmony parts to a funky - cool, laid back track, with his sax. Come step into the relaxed, yet powerful atmosphere of Glenn M. Ray, sharing his Heart with yours. Oh yeah, don't forget the champagne and candles.
Available in HMV, Amazon, and iTunes stores
March 26, 2014 RELEASE

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01. Hello sample
02. Ellie My Love sample
03. Lady sample
04. I Need You sample
05. Midwest Smooth ( Original Instrumental) sample
06. Hero sample
07. Dance With My Father sample
08. Bridge Over Troubled Water sample
09. She sample
10. Say You Say Me sample
11. I Love You sample